Pterostilbene by Therapeutic Solutions May Support Cancer Immunotherapy

Pterostilbene by Therapeutic Solutions May Support Cancer Immunotherapy

Therapeutic Solutions International recently reported new results that support the use of pterostilbene as an adjuvant, or boost, to cancer immunotherapy in a murine melanoma model.

Pterostilbene is a molecule with structural similarity to Resveratrol. While most of the mechanisms of action of the two are comparable, pterostilbene appears to be much better absorbed following oral ingestion and may be a more potent antioxidant and anticancer molecule.

The data, which is part of the company’s Utility Patent #15/204560, showed the synergy of inhibiting melanoma growth between pterostilbene and a FDA approved immunotherapeutic T-cell activating drug, as well as increase of immune stimulating cytokines, signaling immune proteins involved in pathogenic and cancer cells’ attacks.

The patent, created by Timothy Dixon, Thomas Ichim, Gerry Berg, Robert Graham, and Dr. Santosh Kesari, covers several mixtures of pterostilbene with immunotherapy drugs to enhance the efficacy of stimulating immune killer cells and immune cells that can reduce the growth of malignant cells.

“Although immunotherapeutics of cancer is a rapidly evolving field, these approaches induce various biochemical manipulations of the body, which in many cases cause nutrient and oxidative dis-balances. We believe that administration of pterostilbene effectively restores dis-balances caused by immunotherapy, thus resulting in enhanced efficacy,” Dixon, president and chief executive officer of Therapeutic Solutions, said in a press release.

Ichim, a board member, said some examples of immunotherapeutics that could be enhanced by pterostilbene, if the data reported is applied to humans, might include Herceptin, Rituximab, and Cetuximab.

“We are thankful for our academic collaborators who have generated this new and exciting data. We are in the process of performing additional experiments and hope to publish these data in the peer-reviewed literature in the near future,”  Ichim said.

Based upon pterostilbene, the company already developed ProJuvenol, a nutraceutical blend of complex interactive, anti-aging ingredients  to help promote cellular rejuvenation and healthy function. The compound boasts cellular protective properties to help support optimal health and promote mental alertness and physical well-being.