Low Dose Naltrexone-based Lodonal Ships to Panama, Malawi For Cancer Treatment

Low Dose Naltrexone-based Lodonal Ships to Panama, Malawi For Cancer Treatment

LDN for cancerTNI BioTech Inc., a biotechnology company developing innovative therapies for autoimmune diseases in emerging nations, has announced it will make its first shipments of Lodonal® to the Republic of Panama and The Republic of Malawi.

Lodonal® is an active immunotherapy consisting of low dose naltrexone (LDN), an oral medication that at high doses completely blocks opioid receptors in the brain, but at low doses can bind opioid receptors on immune cells, stimulating the production of endogenous met-enkephalin and beta-endorphin (two opioid peptides) increasing the number of immune T cells and NK cells that destroy infectious organisms, such as HIV/AIDS and cancer cells resulting in few toxic side effects.

Different clinical trials have already suggested that LDN may rebalance the immune system in patients with autoimmune diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia, leading to decreased tissue inflammation, repair of damaged tissue and decreased symptoms.

“Extensive work has been conducted and funds spent over the last twelve months obtaining local regulatory approval preparing for the launch of Lodonal® in these markets including participation at health conferences, drug dossiers, clinical case studies and training for sales professionals. We are confident that our distributors and sales teams are well positioned to establish Lodonal® as a major competitor in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases in emerging nations. We are looking forward to launching Lodonal® in additional markets in the fourth quarter of 2014”, Noreen Griffin, CEO of TNI BioTech, said in a PR Newswire press release.

TNIB had previously announced the launch of Lodonal® sales through PanAm Global Logistics, Inc. together with The Brewer Group, Inc. to the Republic of Malawi, Africa. “I am extremely excited to help bring much-needed cancer treatments to Malawi. The visions of women suffering from curable forms of cancer in the country are forever engrained within me. The goal of this distribution agreement is to provide the people of Malawi, and ultimately the rest of Africa, with solutions to combat cancer and immediately start saving lives in our ongoing quest to improve global health,” Ambassador Jack Brewer, founder and CEO of The Brewer Group said in a TNIB press release.

Earlier this year, TNIB also announced the signing of a distribution agreement for the non-exclusive distribution of Lodonal® into Malawi, Panama, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Malaysia and Haiti.

These agreements will have a positive impact in patients life’s by allowing access to promising new treatments for immune deficiency of dysfunction, in places where this therapies are scarce.