Immuno-oncology Treatments May Benefit from New Radiotherapy Enhancer

Immuno-oncology Treatments May Benefit from New Radiotherapy Enhancer

Nanobiotix, a late clinical-stage nanomedicine company developing new approaches for the local treatment of cancer, recently announced that it has begun to explore the use of its lead product, NBTXR3, in immuno-oncology. NBTXR3 is a radio-enhancer, designed to work  in combination with radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells in solid tumors.

“With six ongoing indications, our global clinical development of NBTXR3 as a radio-enhancer, is progressing well. This Immuno Oncology program could bring new applications and confirm that additional patient populations could benefit from treatment with NBTXR3,” said Elsa Borghi, medical director for Nanobiotix, in a press release.

The product is based on the company’s first-in-class, proprietary technology, called NanoXray, which enhances radiotherapy energy. NBTXR3 nanoparticles are meant to increase the dose and efficacy of radiotherapy inside a tumor without causing additional damage to healthy tissues. These particles have an average size of 50 nm, enabling them to enter and act on cancer cells. They are composed of an inorganic core of crystallized hafnium oxide, which possesses a high electron density which, importantly, enables a strong interaction with X-rays.

NBTXR3 is currently in clinical development for six indications across Europe, the U.S., and Asia-Pacific: a registration clinical trial in soft tissue sarcoma, and Phase 1/2 clinical trials in prostate cancer, liver cancers, head and neck cancer, and rectal cancer. Nanobiotix reports that preclinical models of  NBTXR3, combined with radiotherapy, have shown a systematic superiority of cell killing compared to radiotherapy alone.

Immuno-oncology aims to boost the immune system against cancer, using diverse approaches. To realize the full potential of IO therapies, however, it is essential to increase patients’ immunogenicity at the tumor level.

NanoXray products are compatible with all current radiotherapy treatments, the company reports.

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