Cancer Research May Benefit from Big Data Immuno-Oncology Platform

Cancer Research May Benefit from Big Data Immuno-Oncology Platform

BioXcel Corporation has announced the launch of its first-in-class PharmGPS Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Suite, which uses big data technology to help biopharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders identify and prioritize the those immunotherapy candidates in their portfolios with the best potential to improve patient outcomes.

BioXcel specializes in providing cloud-based, big data solutions for companies working to discover new therapies and better classify the performance of existing products. Its proprietary PharmGPS suite allows, according to a company press release, “the extensive analysis of tumors and the impact of constituent global drug pipelines and benchmarking, novel drug targets and therapeutic approaches, including the inhibition of immune checkpoints, on standards of care and lines of therapies … [and] is comprehensive in assessing all modalities, combinations of therapies and different stages of development.”

The PharmGPS suite currently includes over 40 tumor types, 115 validated drugs and new targets, 484 unique drugs and drug combinations, and several modalities, like cellular therapies, vaccines, immunotherapies and targeted therapies, the company reported.

“We have reached an exciting inflection point in our integrated discovery ecosystem where the application of our big data technology enables the identification of therapeutic candidates with the highest probability of success to create tangible value for our partners and potentially change the cancer treatment paradigm,” said Krishnan Nandabalan, PhD, BioXcel’s president and chief scientific officer. “This platform is designed to overcome the key challenges faced by oncologists and patients by creating potentially disruptive therapies in a rational and highly efficient manner.”

The intended goal is to help companies optimize their portfolios and pipeline assets by pinpointing and prioritizing mono- and combo therapies that have the highest potential to improve patient outcomes for specific tumor types. The interface also provides an overview of the immuno-oncology landscape, target-drug-pathway-indication networks, and scenario assessments of potential therapeutic results.

“Our first-of-its-kind big data analytics platform is integrating and expanding upon decades of knowledge in the oncology space to drive therapeutic innovation and improve patient outcomes. We believe that PharmGPS® Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Suite has the potential to become an indispensable tool for our biopharma customers and partners, and a critical asset for BioXcel as we build our own portfolio of oncology assets,” said Luca Rastelli, PhD, vice president of Oncology R&D at BioXcel.

The platform was displayed at Phacilitate’s recent Immunotherapy World Forum conference in Washington, D.C.