Collaboration to Support Immuno-Oncology Trials, Tumor Profiling in Canada

Collaboration to Support Immuno-Oncology Trials, Tumor Profiling in Canada

Personalis and Mount Sinai Services of Toronto are set to establish a partnership that will offer Personalis’ proprietary ACE Platform to customers throughout Canada.

A letter of intent describes broad terms for the agreement.

Personalis’ ACE (accuracy and content enhanced) technology is designed to aid clinical diagnostics and assist research tumor molecular profile sequencing and immuno-oncology sequencing clinical studies. The platform incorporates sample preparation and sequencing processes that result in top-level gene finishing and high coverage of genetic regions that are difficult to sequence otherwise.

Mount Sinai’s Managing Director Dr. Azar Azad said in a press release that development and clinical research company is “delighted” to work with Personalis for the advancement of cancer therapy development and clinical care.

“We are confident that our expertise in providing customized laboratory services, combined with the capabilities of the Personalis ACE Platform will contribute to advancing translational medicine by providing a comprehensive solution for pharma discovery and development of cancer therapies, and personalized clinical diagnostic cancer care,” Azad said.

Personalis is currently providing multiple solutions for the comprehensive analysis of tumor mutation burden and neo-antigen identification.

The company intends to produce inclusive tumor genomic profile data to guide therapy approaches and current research through its ACE ImmunoID service that covers 20,000 genes with the ACE Cancer Exome test; and broad genomic testing for tumor profiling via the ACE CancerPlus test for solid tumors – which combines the sequencing of DNA and RNA of more than 1,400 genes.

John West, CEO of Personalis, said the agreement will support immuno-oncology clinical trials and clinical laboratory and research tumor profiling in Canada.