Adlai Nortye Opens Boston Site to Advance Cancer Treatments

Adlai Nortye Opens Boston Site to Advance Cancer Treatments

Adlai Nortye has opened its first U.S. innovation center, in Boston, Massachusetts. The China-based company is dedicated to the development of treatments for metabolic diseases and cancer.

The Boston staff’s research will include biomarker studies for the development of new cancer drugs.

“The establishment of our Boston site is not just a significant step for our company, but also a sign of our relentless commitment to developing innovative, world-class therapeutic solutions for patients,” chief executive officer Carsten Lu said in a press release.

Adlai Nortye has the potential to become a leader in the field of immuno-oncology. The company has five products in development, including:

  • Reolysin (pelareorep), administered via injection, is an oncolytic virus-based therapy that selectively kills cancer cells. Designed to treat breast cancer, Reolysin was well-tolerated and safe in a Phase 2 trial (NCT01656538). The therapy is now set for a Phase 3 trial.
  • AN0025, an oral prostaglandin E2 receptor 4 (EP4) antagonist, is being developed to treat solid tumors. EP4 is abundant in certain cancer tissues. Blocking EP4 activity causes changes in tumor microenvironment, which can affect cancer cells’ survival. The treatment is in a global Phase 1b trial.
  • AN0015, a small molecule inhibitor that targets an enzyme called IDO (indoleamine-pyrrole 2,3-dioxygenase). Because IDO helps cancer cells avoid eradication by the immune system, this makes it a promising therapeutic target. The product is in pre-clinical testing.
  • AN3005, a small molecule that can kill cancer cells through several mechanisms, including activation of molecular pathways, immune system stimulation, or tumor microenvironment alteration.
  • Buparlisib (AN2025), an oral pan-PI3K inhibitor indicated for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC), is in Phase 2 testing. Activation of the PI3K signaling pathway is often related to tumor development. Buparlisib works by inhibiting this molecular pathway, which slows tumor cell growth and compromises survival in susceptible tumor cell populations. The treatment has received Fast Track designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of HNSCC.

The Boston site will support Adlai Nortye’s clinical stage programs and help integrate the company into the global biopharmaceutical research and development industry.